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Raid Guide: LDoN Within the Compact


Guide Author: Tacobell / Juniorr (Selo / Agnarr Faceless)

Within The Compact

Requestor: Efrelle Treiui in Nro
Entrance: Sand Pit in Nro

Strat:  Follow the purple path (Rogues/Bards go ahead some and disarm traps, the traps actually hurt here notably the double trap at the 2nd door just east of the zone in area).  Pause at the first purple star, clear the boss room of trash, all of the bosses in the room reset in that hallway so you can bring trash and tether bosses.


Kiter – You will need a kiter with Selo speed (SK best due to instant threat jolts)  This person will be kiting Ritana the Convoker almost the whole fight.

First part of the fight is setting up the kiter and tanking the 3 minis (Thosan, Tweyne, Unala).  All 3 minis are slowable, kill Thosan first as he has an aoe attack debuff.  Before the last mini dies, make sure that you DISEASE SLOW the Quintessence of Sand (big golem in middle).  Also make sure a tank taunts after it is debuffed and backs out.  Once the last mini dies, he will start summoning even at 100%.  He is extremely resistant and hits kind of hard. 

Get the Quintessence to 20% and his HP will lock, Ritana will respawn (kiter watch to get agro back or a tank to pick her up).  Kill her to unlock his HP then kill him. 

Notable Items:
4 hStr aug
40% Group Heal aug
4 hSta aug (Leather/Silk)
40% Fire DD focus aug
3 hInt/Wis aug
+2 1hb only aug
Warrior Bracer (Icicle Shield Click)
SK Arms (Shroud of Chaos Click)
Leather BP (Quasi Time BP)
3 Mana Regen aug
70 HP aug
20 AC (non plate users only)


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