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Raid Guide: LDoN The Rescue


Guide Author: Tacobell / Juniorr (Selo / Agnarr Faceless)

The Rescue

Requestor: Scout Miigle in Sr
Entrance: Log in Innothule

Strat: Whole raid moves along red path, pausing at the large red star to back pull the purple path.  Pull mobs to the red star area until frenzied guktans start spawning in the purple star area.  Once they spawn, clear trash until lich (red path again) until you get to the red star.  Once frenzied are spawned, it takes 15-20 minutes for the lich to become active.  Since you are letting all the rituals complete, Lich will be harder.  He is still pretty easy.  I strongly suggest doing this one before the raid starts (pre-clear) and/or doing it as the first run, dropping the DZ outside of a single alt, then coming back.

Lich Fight:

Tank on angled wall where small red dot is, WILD RAMPS, hits pretty hard, slowable.

Cessation of Courage – PBAoE 3s Stun -325 MR
Cessation of Life – Single Target DD 6000, -250 lowest resist check
Cessation of Vitality – PBAoE -350 Poison check, 1000 dot
Nova of Hate – PBAoE -500 MR, 2000 DD

May want to blow a CR/AoE heal for this, should be a short fight.  Spawns bones check under him and 2 chests in the northern cubby.

Notable Items:

Aura of Rage Earring (goblin skull line upgrade)
40 AC All/All Bracer
20 AC Leather Aug (fits shield for druid)
50 HP Aug
50 Mana Aug
2 hStr type 3 aug
Some Time level focus augs


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