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Raid Guide: LDoN The Curse Reborn


Guide Author: Tacobell / Juniorr (Selo / Agnarr Faceless)

The Curse Reborn

Requestor: Ruwakka in Sro                                                        
Entrance: Log in Innothule


Keep 1 single well balanced group with Scout Granos at the start, there will be waves of 3 mobs that come from the cubby near the zone in to attack him.  Keep him alive until he starts moving

Rest of raid clears quickly along blue path on map, keep Scout Mainil alive (he can be buffed including SoW).  Once Mainil reaches to junction point, Granos will start moving (can be buffed as well).  While he is traveling to the junction point, pull mobs between jails and the junction (purple path) except for the last room before the jails..  Once Granos reaches the point, both Scouts will respawn.  Granos will go towards the end boss area (red) and Mainil will head to jails, rebuff them both.  You can leave jails and Mainil alone, he will aggro the trash in the last room before the jails that was left up, he will not die.  The essences that come from the jail even spawn a weak add during the boss fight in the NE, but they can be killed easily. 

Boss:  Kill Energy Focus, Matter Focus, and Spirit Focus (one at a time) and keep the adds from the jail essences dead.  Once 2 Focus are dead, move 1-2 well balanced groups to finish off the trash on the way to jail (purple path) and prepare to kill the Executioner.  Once all 3 are dead, The First Witness will become active.  The 2 groups that went to jail can now kill the Executioner, then the remainder of the raid can kill The First Witness (Must do it in this order or you lose a chest).

Notable Loot:

Specialize Abjuration Aug (15%)
Burning Poison (40% Poison Dot Focus)
4 hStr aug
+2 1hs aug
35 AC War Aug
20 AC Chain Aug
+3 hDex aug
+3 hAgi Chain/Caster Aug
Plate Chest
40% Disease DD Aug
70 HP Aug
Paladin Ward of Nife click arms


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