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Raid Guide: LDoN Struggles within the Progeny


Guide Author: Tacobell / Juniorr (Selo / Agnarr Faceless)

Struggles within the Progeny
Requestor: Kroggl in BB
Entrance: West Grave in LFay

Strat: Follow purple path until you reach the red split path.  There are traps along the way that spawn 2 harder mobs(marked on most maps).  Clear all the trash in the 2 Valdoon rooms (red diamonds).  Once the trash is out, move the raid half way back down the purple path to reset any boss aggro.    Kill all 3 guardians, then kill whichever Valdoon is still at 100% (fake one).  When fake dies, kill the Guardian that spawns where he was.  Fake one is really easy, but does do the drunken AE. 

Real Valdoon:
** You need at least 50 alcohol tolerance for this
** Boss should be at 80% HP already if you did the first part right
Valdoon hits a little hard, but mostly has a pretty nasty aoe dot and spawns some adds from behind.  Raid should stack near the boss, tanks be ready to pick up adds when they come in.  Adds have very little HP.  Valdoon will AoE mez the raid and can potentially start regening during it, just burn him down otherwise.

Does 6k nuke on tank

Notable Items:
+5 2h aug for 36+ delay
7 hAgi aug(Melee DPS)
Ranger Eagle Eye click
2 hSta aug
Rogue Poison Click
30 AC aug(tank)
4 hStr aug
40% Healing aug
4 hSta aug
70 Mana aug
Iceflame of E`ci click for wiz
Specialize Conjuration 15% aug
+20 backstab aug
3 hInt/Wis aug


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