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Raid Guide: LDoN Prison Break


Guide Author: Tacobell / Juniorr (Selo / Agnarr Faceless)

Prison Break

Requestor: Luarnn Gibbizt in CL
Entrance: Cave in Sro

Strat – Raid will stay together and clear to the purple crossroad section.  Goblin slaves will all run away unless 4+ are aggroed on the same person.  They will run away when low health and are not snare/rootable.  Pull each mini (east has an aoe fear, west hast a disease dot) to the raid.  A rogue will need to detect, disarm, and open the chest that is near where each boss spawns.  When you successfully open the chest, it has a key in it, give key to rogue for next part. 

Have rogue(s) go to Jails with keys and give a key to each prisoner.  This will spawn a mini at the crossroads to the west of jails.  Hits a little hard, but nothing special.  Kill him and follow blue path.

** Blackhands are charmable and hit REALLY HARD **

Stay in an area around blue star, clear out the 3 jails to the south, you may need to kill a few mobs from the western cubby as well, eventually the 2 bosses will spawn.


High Shaman Yenner – Does same AoE as the western chest guy at the start, burn him fast and cure after (72 counters disease)
Warden Neyremal – Does a single target spinstun and starts to wild ramp at lower hp – Slowable

Notable Loot:
Chain Chest – Close to Time Quality
Pet Power Increase Focus aug
Aura of Quellious Click Helm for Enc (single target voq click, works on level 1)
40% Disease Dot aug
40% Magic DD aug
+2 H2H aug
4 hStr aug
Flight of Eagles click for druids
3 Mana Regen aug
70 Mana aug
+3 aug for 28+ delay weapons
2 hDex aug
25 AC aug (plate/chain)


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