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Raid Guide: LDoN Hidden Vale of Deceit


Guide Author: Tacobell / Juniorr (Selo / Agnarr Faceless)

Hidden Vale of Deceit

Requestor: Chaenz Abella in CL
Entrance: Cave in Sro

Strat:  Raid clears and sets up at the first purple star, you can sit here and have the pull team bring trash from the east to the raid.  Clear some trash, pull team grab the Violent Research Subject out and bring to raid. 

Clear west to big room, repeat process on southern research subject.  Backtrack to crossroad and go north.

Repeat process for next 2 research subjects.  Clear all mobs in NW room.

Once all 4 are dead, researchers will spawn in NE.  Have someone DA and pull all the trash and kite in NW room.  Pull researchers in to raid to kill.  Once these are dead the event spawns for last boss.  Kill brutes from boss area, will spawn Flawless (boss).  Move raid south to first purple diamond spot, can avoid AoE from the boss on that corner. 

Flawless Experimental Battlelord
Notable Abilities:
Backstab – Don’t show him your back
Knockback – Tanks need levitate
Memblur – Need 2 tanks building threat
Throw – 3000 DD

Tanking him in the south area will cause the adds to not come during the fight, you don’t need to do this but it can be helpful if low numbering.

Notable Loot:
Specialize Alteration 15% aug
25 AC aug(Plate)
20 atk 40% haste aug
40 Fire Dot Focus aug
3 hDex aug
70 Mana aug
3 Mana Regen aug
Bard HoS click
Robe (Like time)
4 hAgi aug (Silk/Leather)
1/1/1 Aug for 1hp


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