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Raid Guide: LDoN Frozen Nightmare


Guide Author: Tacobell / Juniorr (Selo / Agnarr Faceless)

Frozen Nightmare
Requestor: Qileour Bahiael in EF
Entrance: Tower in Southern EF


Can split the raid up to kill the goblins, or just move to one then the next.  Ignore the grey con goblins as they all despawn, kill any spiders and the 2 named goblins and the event ends.

Clear to purple star room, giant sludge is here.  When you kill him he splits into a few smaller oozes, and that continues for a couple more iterations of the mob.  If you feel comfortable you can aoe it with an aoe slow song or just focus down the small mobs first before you kill big ones.

Stay in purple star room, pull skeletons from blue paths (South and East).  There will be 4 total Chromatic skeletons that change color when they die and respawn at 100%.  Get all 4 of the Chromatic to red color, then kill them all around the same time for the event to end.  Can root the red ones off somewhere or just offtank them.

Clear to red star, Marrow hits decently hard and has a single target nuke ability.  Spawns adds every 10%, can full burn with a big raid and clean up adds after, or swap.  He doesn’t have a lot of HP.

Clear to green star, hail the warder to start the event.  Several animals spawn and try to eat the body.  Prevent the body from getting hit at all costs or you lose a chest from failing the event.

Move back to just before grey star (purple star room), one person needs to hail Durgin Skell to spawn the last golem boss.  He banishes the tank to the bottom of the pit in his room, tanks should have levi and you can just fight for agro.  He doesn’t hit all that hard.

Notable Loot:
35 AC aug
50 HP aug
50 Mana aug
2 hStr type 3 aug
20 atk type 3 aug


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