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Raid Guide: LDoN Folly of Miragul's Ambition


Guide AuthorTacobell / Juniorr (Selo / Agnarr Faceless)

Requestor: Trelsa McKindle in EF
Entrance: Tower in South EF

** Don’t stop the raid near the overhead portals, if you idle there long enough it spawns a demon

Strat: Follow purple path, stop at the star and DO NOT AGGRO THE HALLWAY MOBS.  Rogue(s) go to the blue star, a fully buffed rogue can kill the mob “a jeweled sentinel” or you can have 2 rogues pickpocket, I generally just kill it.  Come back to the raid, master looter assign a rogue that was at the kill one of the rubies that was on the boss (lore).  Hand in 2 rubies to Glim to despawn the mobs in the hallway.

Follow red path to first Synarcana event.  If you DPS this event hard it won’t spawn any adds, if not, it goes inactive and spawns 4 or so adds, then respawns at the last %.  Kill and move on.
Follow green path to 2nd Synarcana event, clear north hallway trash on the way. 

Synarcana/Skeleton Event:

Synarcana herself can’t be damaged by anything.  She will cast on people, but you can’t really hold agro.  During the event, adds will spawn and have a random chance to spawn as a named.  Kill named and her HP goes down. Kill enough adds and it dies.

Skeletons – Need to keep 1 of the 6 skeletons DEAD at all times or Synarcana resets to 100.  You can accomplish this in several ways.  There is a single mob in the room that constantly resets besides the skeletons named Kiszchen the Mischief.  He can be offtanked easily and will slow whoever it is on.  A traditional group, stacked with melee DPS can handle this, or 3 rangers can outrange and not agro Kiszchen.  The skeletons are all rooted, each one is vulnerable/immune based on their names. 

Notable Loot:
40% Magic Dot Focus aug
3 hSta aug
+4 2h aug
BST click gloves
70 HP aug
7 hAgi aug (tank/leather)
4 hSta aug (chain)
2 hDex aug
30 atk type 3 aug
Mage Burnout V click
Cleric Ward of Gallantry click


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