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LDoN Overview



EQ's 6th expansion, Lost Dungeons of Norrath is built entirely around instancing and the "adventure" system. It also introduced item augmentations, which can be added into appropriate augmentation slots in gear to enhance the item's stats. The "lore" of LDoN is basically that a group of adventurers has discovered a lot of...lost dungeons to explore/pillage. The group of adventurers call themselves the Wayfarer's Brotherhood, they are lead by Morden Rasp. If you're really into lore you can read up on those guys as they make some important reappearances in Gates of Discord as well. 

The purpose of this guide is to give you a very high level rundown of what LDoN is all about, and what you can do and will need to know, it is not an attempt to reinvent the wheel. There are several very comprehensive and well-written LDoN guides out there that will be linked to here, and there will be supplemental raid information linked to as well. This guide is mostly from a raider's perspective.

Wayfarer Camps

Much of the expansions "action" is centered around the Wayfarer Camps. There are 5 Wayfarer Camps, each Wayfarer Camp corresponds to a specific raid/dungeon "theme." Each Wayfarer Camp has several things in common:

  • A "Magus" npc, that when Hailed gives you some dialogue options that will teleport you to any of the other camps, that means in LDoN if you can get to any Wayfarer Camp, you quickly port between all of them. 
  • Merchants that sell LDoN group loot and augmentations in exchange for Adventure Points.
  • Raid and Group Adventure NPCs that can start Raids and Group Adventures. Generally raid leaders are the ones to start the raids, so you will not have to interact with them, but you'll need to know how to use the Group Adventure NPCs if you plan to do LDoN group content.

Using Wayfarer Camps

To use the aforementioned "Magus" teleportation system, you absolutely have to do the quest to get your Adventurer's Stone. Until you have done this the Magus NPCs will not teleport you anywhere. Luckily this quest is just a little bit of traveling involving your home city (or alternatively Rathe Mountains if you are KoS at home), and a few hails/dialogue text entries. 

THIS IS THE QUEST TO COMPLETE: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/quest.html?quest=2641

That guide will 100% get you your stone, just follow it to the letter for your specific situation.

The LDON Themes and Raid Locations

To raid you need to know where to go and how to get there quickly. Each "theme" is associated with a specific Wayfarer Camp, and a specific raid zone in location. 

South Ro Deepest Guk (Frogloks/Guk theme) Innothule Swamp
Everfrost Miragul's Menagerie (ice/undead) Everfrost
Butcherblock Mountains Mistmoore Catacombs (Vampires) Lesser Faydark
Commonlands Rujarkian Hills (Orcs) South Ro
North Ro Ruins of Takish-Hiz (Sand Elves) North Ro

To understand this chart, the "camp" is where the Wayfarer's Brotherhood camp associated with this theme is located. The "theme" just describes which theme it is, and the "location" is just the zone that you actually access the raid from. So for example you REQUEST a Deepest Guk raid in South Ro, but you access the raid zone itself in Innothule Swamp.

IMPORTANT: To find the specific zone in location for the specific zone you are in, when you are in the correct zone, you will see a "line" in your in-game compass, if you navigate with that line centered in your compass, it will guide you to the zone in. So even if you've never done the content before you can find it.

Augmentation Info and Augmentation Types

You can look at your armor to see how many and which augmentation slots it has. This is something you need to pay attention to, because depending on your situation you may have limitations on what augmentations you can use. The most common and "mainstream" augmentation slot type is Type 8, Plane of Time and the vast majority of post-PoP raid gear has a Type 8 slot. Older raid and group gear often has no augmentation slots at all and thus cannot be augmented, aside from weapons which always have augmentation slots. 

In many expansions "group tier" armor is Augmentation Type 7, which can create issues because there are a few "raid quality" group items, which have a type 7 slot so you can't put raid augs into it. There are also some "raid quality" group augments that come as type 7 augs that you can't put into a type 8 slot on a piece of raid armor. Fortunately a great many augmentations are both type 7 and 8, and can go into either raid or group gear, but do mind your items specifically because this is not universally true.

Fanra has a great, more in depth writeup on all of this: Fanra's EverQuest Wiki: Augmentations

Group Content

LDoN offers new spells, group armor and augmentations. These are sold at vendors in the Wayfarer Camps. The currency you use is "Adventure Points." You earn Adventure Points by winning LDoN group adventures, you do not get them from raids. You can see your Adventure Points in the "Adventure Window" which is Alt+V by default.

The AP earned from all camps can be spent at any camp. However, you must have earned enough AP at a specific "theme" before you unlock the items for that price point. So for example, say you want an AP item from a vendor that costs 500 points from the Rujarkian/Commonlands camp. You have 500 points from doing Miragul's Menagerie group adventures, if you go to the Rujarkian theme merchant in Commonlands, you won't see the 500 point item. This is because you haven't earned 500 points in Rujarkian LDoNs yet, so you cannot use 500 points there. So while you can use the currency at any camp, you must at some point in your character's history have earned enough currency to buy the item from that camp's adventures. You could then go spend those points at another camp, and come back later and use points you earned at a third camp to buy the 500 point item if you wanted--the points are entirely fungible, but to unlock the items you must earn enough points from that camp to buy the items.

The Adventurer's Stone that you needed to get to travel with the Maguses is also an augmentation that can augment your charm (ideally your maxed out PoP flag charm.) The stone starts off with no stats at all. To "grow" its stats you have to complete a number of missions and "hails" at each camp. The total number is 370 total wins, distributed unevenly, but it's around 68 wins to 78 wins for each of the 5 camps. 

LDoN group adventures also contain chests and named mobs that drop group quality loot of varying quality.


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