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Underfoot Loot Tiers and Special Rules


Loot Tiers

5 Tier: Convorteum
1 Tier: Everything else, Cultural Augs out of Convorteum

Weapon Reforging

There is a quest in Underfoot that lets you turn in many raid weapons for "Crushed" items. Two "Crushed" items can then be turned in to create another weapon. You can crush basically any weapon that drops in a raid. You can then exchange it for any normal weapon on the loot table of the raid in question. So in Convorteum any weapon can be melted down into Crushed Rhodum. Two Crushed Rhodium can then be exchanged for any "normal" item. In Convorteum a "normal" item is any non-Heart weapon. There are weapons that drop out of Convorteum called "Heart of the First xxx" and "Heart of the Underfoot xxx", these are "special" weapons that drop from bonus chests or from the last few bosses as bonus loot from normal chests. You cannot buy these weapons with Crushed Rhodium. You can melt these weapons down into Crushed Rhodium, however.

We will allow people to bid on weapons they cannot equip for the purposes of melting, but to do so you need to bid as a secondary using the "sec" indicator after your bid. This means that you functionally can bid on an item to melt down, as long as no primary character who can equip that item are bidding on it as primary bid.

Here is the alla documentation on Underfoot Weapon Reforging:

Weapon Reforging: Rhodium (Convorteum Tier Weapons)
Weapon Reforging: Iridium (Tier 2 Raid Weapons)
Weapon Reforging: Palladium (Tier 1 Raid Weapons)

Shawl Raid Drop

This is pre-lootable and will be bid as an ordinary item.


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