• Tuesday, 19. January 2021 20:30

Primary/Secondary Change Policy


Main Changes

As of Nov 13 2019 we've revamped our main change policy, the old policy cost was 100 and main changes were mostly unrestricted. The new policy significantly reduces the cost of a main change to 25 DKP as a "base cost", with special conditions where it will be cheaper. Main changes are also now entirely at officer discretion and we will only be approving main changes that match our current guild roster needs. We will also generally not consider main change requests from anyone who has main changed in the last two months.

Special Circumstances

  • Main changes to CLR, DRU, SHM are free at any time
  • No one may change to a WAR or MNK until further notice, under any circumstances

Secondary Changes

Secondary changes are generally disallowed if your secondary has taken any loot from a guild raid in the last two months; and will be at officer discretion otherwise.


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