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DKP Policies In-Depth


Faceless DKP


Our system is an open-bid, hybrid-auction based DKP system. You send bids in a channel within predetermined bid ranges.

Earning Points

You earn points based on how much raiding you do. We take attendance "ticks" hourly, or half-hourly for very short raids. Currently you earn at a rate of 2 DKP per hourly tick. There is an on-time tick given for everyone who has assembled for raiding and joined a raid by 8:30 PM ET on raid days.

How to Spend Points

When raid bosses are killed, in /rs, /shout and /ooc a loot officer will auction off the items. Occasionally in "cross raid" bidding situations we may use /gu or our two custom DKP bid channels: facebids:one and facebids2:two. You should add both channels to your autojoin.


The auction will open with the officer posting the name of the item being auctioned, and the minimum price. For Normal Tier raid loot the minimum price is 5 DKP and the maximum bid/price is 80 DKP with tiebreakers settled by highest current DKP balance.

The Auction has the following rules:

  • You can "match" a current bid (highest current DKP wins if it ends in a tie)
  • You can "raise" a current bid, the typical minimum you can raise by is 5 DKP, unless you do not have enough DKP to raise by 5 and are going "all in."
  • You can "raise" a current bid by more than 5 but it has to be a bid that is a multiple of 5, again unless you are going "all in." For example you can drop 50 as your current bid right off the bat, or 80. You can also go all in right off the bat if you have say, 74 DKP and bid 74 DKP.
  • The only exception to the minimum raise of 5 DKP for Normal Tier loot is when you are raising someone's "all in", so if someone goes all in at 36 DKP, you can raise to 40, or if they went all in at 38 you could raise to 40. You basically can raise to the next lowest 5 DKP interval if you want (you always have the option to raise even more.)

You can only bid DKP you have displayed currently on the DKP site, and you are expected to mentally "deduct" any DKP you have spent that isn't yet entered into the site.

For Low Tier items there is no minimum price, the auction starts at 1 DKP, and bids can be submitted in 1 DKP increments up to 15 DKP. If a Low Tier item auction exceeds 15 DKP it has to then follow the normal 5 DKP increments for raises.

There is a maximum bid of 80 DKP on any item, ties are broken based on who has the highest current DKP. Not based on RA and not based on total earned, but current total balance.
If bidders are still tied when looking at current DKP, then the tie break is settled by a roll between the two characters.

This is not a "Second Price" system where you pay +1 over the highest losing bid. If you drop an 80 bid at the start of the auction and win, and no one else bids, you still pay the full price of your bid. Do not bid unless you're willing to pay that price.


Foaming tells facebids:2, "STARTING - 5 - 1x Time's Antithesis"

Meme tells facebids:2, "25"

Juniorr tells facebids:2, "15"

Sieger tells facebids:2, "20 "

Juniorr tells facebids:2, "25"

Sieger tells facebids:2, "30"

Juniorr tells facebids:2, "32"

Foaming tells facebids:2, "Time's Antithesis BIDS AT 32 BY Juniorr - CLOSING SOON"

Foaming tells facebids:2, "Time's Antithesis BIDS AT 32 BY Juniorr - CLOSED"

Foaming tells facebids:2, "!award Juniorr 32 Time's Antithesis"

Bid Formats and DKP Program

We use a DKP program to do our auctions. The program reports information in a specific format, and it reads bids in a specific format. The program automatically handles tiebreaks and auto-implements the DKP system rules. 

Normal Bid: The easiest bid scenario, you bid in the chat channel where the item you want is being auctioned, you simply post the number that you wish to pay for the item. Nothing else should go into the channel with your bid. If it's a "low tier" auction you can bid in increments of 1, if it's a normal tier auction you have to bid in increments of 5 DKP.

All In Bid: As noted above our system allows all in bids, which override the 5 increment rule. The format for an all in bid is:

[BidAmount] ai

So if you want to bid 23 all in to an auction in raid say, you would just send:

/rs 23 ai

Secondary Bid: To bid as a secondary you just add the "sec" or "secondary" indicator after your bid, for example to big 5 as a secondary in raid say you would just send:

/rs 5 sec

We use the guild roster dump to regularly update who is who's secondary in our DKP program, if you notice that you won a secondary auction but the DKP program didn't auto report your current secondary, speak with an officer to get this updated in guild.

MultiBidding: In some situations there is more than one item in an auction. For example if a boss drops 3 of the same item the system awards the items to the top 3 bidders. If you can actually use more than one of the same item (for example wrist-slot items are common scenarios of this), you can bid on more than one item in the auction lot using the MultiBid syntax. The way to have multiple independent bids is to simply create a new multibid by adding (2) at the end of a regular bid. Doing this creates your second bid. But you still need to bid as a normal bid as well. This is explained easier by showing how you would bid on 2 of the same item in raidsay:

/rs 5 

This line represents your initial, normal bid of 5. You now are bidding 5 for the right to loot 1 of the items in the lot if you're one of the top bidders.

/rs 5 (2)

This line represents your second bid on an item in the multibid lot. You are now bidding 5 on two separate items. You can raise these bids independently as appropriate ex:

/rs 10

This raises your #1 bid to 10

/rs 15 (2)

This raises your #2 bid to 15.

Who wins the loot? [Loot Preference]

Tiebreaks are broken based on who has the most total current DKP. If there is a tie and both bidders have the same current DKP, then the two members /random 1000 with high roll winning.

RANK Preferences

Primary > Secondary > Recruit > FNF

EXCEPTION: On 1 Bid (Low Tier) items, Primary and Secondary bid on equal preference up to 5 DKP (tiebreak based on current total.) At 6 dkp and higher a Primary always wins the tiebreak. When bidding against each other Secondaries have the normal big cap of 80, but should not bid in auctions against primaries once primaries are bidding above 5. On "regular" tier 5 bid items, secondaries can put in a 5 secondary bid, but the "preference" always goes to mains on 5-tier bids.

What are the item/bid tiers?

Normal Tier (5 bid): Convorteum

Low Tier (1 bid): All non-Convorteum Raids, Cultural Augs from Convorteum

Roll Tier:  None as of The Buried Sea (Jan. 2020)

"ROT" Items vs "Roll Tier"

ROT ITEMS/ROT ROLL - Our system has two situations where items are rolled and expected behavior is actually different for each. When no one bids on a "DKP item", it is "sent to ROLL", the loot master will generally make an announcement similar to "ROLLING--Greatsword of Mortification" or something similar. When this occurs the loot has entered a "Free Roll", in which ANY present character including boxed characters, can roll need. This is essentially done because if no one was willing to spend DKP on the item that normally should cost DKP, we aren't "protecting it" for mains with the loot preference system.

ROLL TIER - Roll Tier is any loot we have specifically determined is not part of the DKP system. Examples: Lower tier loot (commonly from low-end progression raids), spell drops, certain low value odd ball items (think some of the goofy really bad augments out of Inktuta in GoD for an example.) This stuff is not stuff that has been "sent to roll", and thus we prefer to use NEED BEFORE GREED rules. This means mains roll NEED if they need it, and all other characters roll GREED

DKP Decay

Our system will decay current DKP over 50 by 20% per week, starting on the first Wednesday after our first Elemental Planes-tier raid. This is a "marginal" decay, meaning if you have 70 DKP only the 20 DKP you have over 50 will be decayed (so you'd have 4 DKP of decay if you have 70.)

Comparing this to our Luclin system which was 10% decay per week, you'll see the following:

    • 0 to 50 - No decay, so less per week than in Luclin
    • 51 to 99 (roughly) - About the same decay total as you'd have paid in luclin
    • 100 is the "breakeven" point where if you're at 100 you decay per week the same as you did under the old system (so in both the old and new decay formula, you lose 10 DKP if you're at 100.)
    • Over 100 the decay per week will be progressively higher than it was in Luclin. At 150 DKP you are decayed 20 DKP in the new system vs 15 DKP in the old. At 250 DKP you are decayed 40 DKP in the new system vs 25 in the old system.

Because it is "marginal" decay, you cannot "fall behind" someone if you don't spend and keep raiding, the way the decay works you'll never lose your "position" to decay, but you will lose lots of raw DKP if you sit at high DKP totals without spending.

DKP decay keeps inflation under control, encourages the spending of DKP, and discourages excessive hoarding--something that is a unique problem on Selo because we will be doing a new expansion every four weeks. While on many other servers it might make sense to hold out for your favorite/best item, on Selo it won't be long at all before such an item is much less valuable due to new content opening.


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