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TBS Raid Tiers and Bid Rules


Loot Tiers

Normal Tier (5 bid): Solteris

Low Tier (1 bid): Phosphenes (200 Count), Frostcrypt 2, Ashengate: North, + any other TSS content ran for DKP

Roll Tier: None

Phosphene Bidding

Solteris raid drops Phosphene Clusters in four sizes (Tiny, Small, Normal and Large), these clusters produce 100, 200, 400, and 1000 Phosphenes respectively.

When the clusters are clicked, they award Phosphene which is a tradeable currency. Phosphenes can be used to buy TBS raid set armor or TBS Rank III spells. There's a large variance in how much these cost. The cheapest spells are 50, the most expensive spells are 150, the cheapest items are 100, the most expensive items are 700. We have decided to bid out Phosphenes using a controlled auction/bundling system. This works as follows:

Whenever the loot master has acquired 600 total Phosphenes, they will open a **TOP 3** auction, bidding out batches of Phosphenes in 200 lots.

What this means is the top 3 bidders each are given 200 Phosphenes.

Because we know how many Phosphene each Solteris event generates, we can predict the schedule of the auctions:

Event 1 (Sisters) - Produces 200, no auction for Phosphenes held.

Event 2 (Deadly Swarm) - Produces 200, no auction for Phosphenes held.

Event 3 (Balreth) - Produces 400. This means 800 accumulated, an auction for 3 lots of 200-count Phosphenes is held.

Event 4 (Astire) - Produces 400. This means 600 accumulated, an auction for 3 lots of 200-count Phosphenes is held.

Event 5 (Irrissa) - Produces 800. This means 800 accumulated, an auction for 3 lots of 200-count Phosphenes is held.

Event 6 (Commodus) - Produces 800. This means 1000 accumulated, an auction for 3 lots of 200-count Phosphenes is held.

Event 7 (Twin Gods) - Produces 2000. This means 2400 accumulated. Four separate 3 lot auctions of 200-count Phosphenes is held (we will do 4 separate auctions, not a giant Top-12 auction.)

Phosphene Usage Rules

Phosphenes are used to make your TBS raid armor and buy Rank III spells. Unlike traditional loot, this is a tradeable currency, which opens up some player actions not possible with normal loot. For example: selling Phosphenes on the Bazaar, or transferring Phosphenes to Secondary or Box characters.

Secondary/Box Phosphenes - Phosphenes are open to bids from secondaries in line with other loot, however you may not bid on Phosphenes under the guise of your main, and then transfer them to your secondary. You also may not transfer main or secondary won Phosphenes to other boxes.

Bazaar Phosphenes - You may not sell any Phosphenes on the Bazaar under any circumstances.

At this point we have been around on Selo for a long time and we feel like we know each other pretty well, we aren't going to run some sort of Stasi operation trying to investigate who is spending Phosphenes and how. But there's lots of eyes and ears in the guild. So if we find out any of these rules have been broken--for example seeing one of your characters casting a Rank III spell they shouldn't have, or wearing a Solteris armor item they shouldn't have etc, we will levy the following "fine" for abusing the Phosphene loot system:

Penalty - Your current DKP balance will be removed and your DKP will be set to -100, you will be prohibited from ever bidding on Phosphenes again.

What if I have a weird overflow of Phosphenes from legitimate purchases/use? This could in fact happen because of the way Phosphenes are bundled and the varying price of the Phosphene rewards, it's fine to make productive use of these Phosphenes but you need to speak with an Officer privately about the matter first and get specific approval


Phosphites are another currency that drops out of Solteris, from trash. These are only used to buy "raid tier" power sources from Master Pokk in Katta Castrum, all of the raid tier Power Sources cost 10 Phosphite. We will announce our policy for distributing Phosphites at a later date, for our first clear of Solteris the loot master will just loot all of these that drops and stockpile them until we have determined based on drop rate / player demand how we want to handle them.


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