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Primary/Secondary Character & Alt Policy



The Selo progression server is marketed as a "Fast" progression server. This means that some of the traditional alt character gearing opportunities found on regular TLPs will probably be reduced, however since we do plan to do a lot of raiding, and the server has reduced instance lockouts, we anticipate you will still be able to acquire a good amount of loot on secondary characters. This policy sets out the rules for the use of these characters and will briefly touch on how the DKP system handles them--a fuller explanation of the DKP system and how it works with alts can be found here: DKP System Overview.


Your "Primary" is your main character and the character you will play most of the time in raids, Primaries receive the highest loot priority in most situations.


Every member in the guild is entitled to select one of their characters as their "Secondary" character, your Secondary (or "Second"/"2nd") is a character that will receive higher priority in the loot system than other alts, but lower priority than Primary characters in most situations. Under the current DKP system loot priority is as follows:

  1. Primaries
  2. Secondaries
  3. Recruits

Expectations and Use of Secondary characters

We have a few expectations for Secondaries since they do receive a loot privilege. We expect they generally be "decently" geared, for the launch of Selo we understand everyone is starting out as naked. In Planes of Power and beyond 2nds will be expected to have no empty gear slots, and to have generally decent group quality loot in most gear slots commensurate with the current expansions' group gear levels. They should also generally keep up with AAs to some degree, they do not need to be max AA but they should not be 0 AA characters. You are not required to have a 2nd. If you have a 2nd, you are not required to bring it to any specific raid. The "normal" usage of a 2nd would be for you to either utilize it as a boxed character in a normal raid with your Primary, or to utilize it in place of your Primary if we are doing raid splits in a way that your Primary character is locked to another split that happened within the past few days and isn't available for the current raid. Recruits are not entitled to a 2nd until their recruitment period has completed.


An Alt is basically any boxed or alternate character you have that isn't a Primary or Secondary. They can participate in raids 100% at raid leader discretion, they generally can't take raid spots over Primary or Secondary. We have much lower expectations for alts than Primary/Secondary. These are essentially the "trash eating" alts, who are utilized to take rotting gear. While we have no formal expectations for Alts, you still need to be a generally useful raid member. If your Alt is causing problems it will be asked to sit out. If you just want a character available to "take a rot", leave the character outside the raid. We expect you are still able to "effectively play" an Alt, but we understand they will often be undergeared and boxed characters so will not play to the level of a Primary character or a 2nd.

Alts have the lowest of all gear priority--when no one is willing to spend DKP at all on an item, Alts can roll on it at that point and the winner takes the item. 

For raid loot that is "roll", meaning the raid item does not have a DKP tier at all (an example being Plane of Growth armor drops), we generally ask that Primary select Need for those items in the Advanced Loot System (Recruits are considered a Primary), and 2nds select Greed. Alts can then /random 1000 if no Primary or 2nd roll through the advanced looting system. Again, this pertains to "Roll Tier" items, not "rotting" Tier items.


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